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Your donations can make the Swan Light – a combination light and device stand for video chatting – a reality. The design and prototype are complete. Now we just need to do final engineering and we’re ready to start producing. On the righthand side of this page, you’ll find our donation levels and the rewards you’ll receive.

The Swan Light Unfolded

iPhone Kindle and iPad Composition
25″H x 8″W x 11″D

The Swan Light Folded

1.2″H x 8″W x 14.6″D

Profile of a Swan

Most people don’t look good in video chats because they rely on poor lighting. The Swan Light is designed to easily and quickly give you the best color, angle, height, and intensity in lighting so you look your best online. With warm LEDs that can be incrementally adjusted for intensity and angle, you can ensure that you’re making a great impression. The Swan Light also provides a stand to hold tablets and smartphones, placing them at the proper height for hands-free video chatting.





Affordable, Quality Lighting

  • Soft, natural LED lighting
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Costs a fraction of professional lighting kits

Works with Variety of Devices

  • Smartphones, small and large tablets, laptops, desktops

Easily Portable

  • Folds flat to easily store or take along (folded: 1.2˝H x 8˝W x 14.6˝D)
  • Weighs less than 2lbs.

Easy to Use

  • Setup takes just seconds
  • No special connectors needed

With tablet: Horizontal


With tablet: Vertical


With Smartphone


With laptop

The Swanlight with Laptop

More About the Swan Light

Most lighting used by video chatters is too harsh or dark and is placed at the wrong height. So we look washed out or shadowy, flaws are magnified, and skin tone looks poor.

The Swan Light takes care of all those problems. A combination webcam light and device stand, it holds or sits in front of your device while illuminating you. Our soft LEDs provide a natural, flattering light—bright enough for any setup. And the light intensity, height, and angle can be adjusted to ensure you look your best.

The Swan Light works with smartphones, small and large tablets, laptops, and desktops. It folds flat to store or carry easily—letting you video chat where and when you like.

The Swan Light combines a light and a device stand. The stand serves to hold tablets—both large and small—as well as smartphones. There are different pop-out tabs on the stand to hold each size device, ensuring the LEDs are placed at the proper height above the device screen for best lighting. The Swan can also be positioned behind devices such as laptops and desktops to provide lighting.

The light angle, height, and intensity can be adjusted. The LEDs are color corrected to a warm glow—so there will be no harsh white light.

The Swan Light is simple to set up and folds flat for easy transport. It weighs less than 2lb. We’ve designed the Swan to be a plug-in, to keep the unit trim and lightweight.

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+ The Project FAQ's

Why is the Swan Light needed?

The Swan Light helps people look better online when they’re video chatting. Most typical solutions (desk lamps, room lights, device lighting) don’t provide lighting of the proper intensity, angle, height, and color to illuminate people properly. Those lighting sources also don’t let you adjust the light for your particular circumstances; the Swan Light does. In addition, the Swan Light provides a stable, hands-free base for tablets and smartphones, while placing the light at the proper height above those devices.

What devices does the Swan Light work with?

The Swan Light is designed to work with smartphones, small tablets, large tablets, laptops, and desktops—almost any brand. If you have questions about compatibility with a specific brand, contact us.

Who is the Swan Light designed for?

The Swan Light is designed for nonprofessionals who want to look better online. Whether you want to improve your appearance when chatting for business purposes, dating, or just socializing, you’ll love the difference the Swan Light makes.

Who created the Swan Light—and why?

The Swan Light was created by a family of inventors: Joan, Heather, and Joe. Joan, a professional photographer, and her daughter Heather, a professional model, hated the way they looked when they Skyped. Joan recognized that poor lighting was a major issue and came up with the idea for the Swan Light to address the problem. With Joe assisting on the engineering and Heather the business plan, Joan began developing the Swan Light.

Who else contributed to development of the Swan Light?

The inventors were assisted by innovation consultant Big Idea Group and professional industrial design firm Helix Design. Big Idea Group and Helix Design have helped bring dozens and dozens of products to market. Together, they have experience developing, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing a variety of products.

I like the product but want to make sure that the team can execute the Swan Light. What are your plans?

While there are no 100% guarantees with any product, we feel confident in our ability to execute the Swan Light. As noted, BIG and Helix had deep experience in helping successfully launch numerous products. The team has already reached out to engineers and potential manufacturers to help finish the Swan Light.

When will the Swan Light be ready to ship to me?

If we meet our funding goals, we’ll plan on shipping the Swan Light in fall 2013. We’ll keep all our supporters updated about that timeline.

What will the money raised from this campaign be used for?

The money raised from this campaign will be used for final development of the Swan Light (engineering, for example) and then manufacturing.

Besides donating, how else can I help the Swan Light?

Please help us spread the word about the product, especially via social media. The more people who know about and support the Swan Light, the more likely we will be able to produce the product.

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